Friday 23 January 2009

Mercer and the think-tank

Patrick Mercer has been criticised by an academic for being “sceptical” about £1m worth of cash being handed to a think-tank run by former Muslim extremists – a story reported in The Times.

Prof Anthony Glees wrote a letter to the paper claiming the Notts MP’s scepticism did him “no credit.”

But, Prof Glees, as the chair of the Counter Terrorism Committee isn’t it Mercer’s job to be sceptical about these things?

As Lord Byron, one of Notts’ greatest sons, said: “I deny nothing, but doubt everything.”

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Anonymous said...

Almost £1 million of taxpayers money spent on a think-tank run by two former Islamic extremists, supposedly working to tackle extreme Islamist ideology in countries such as Syria and Pakistan and supposedly making an inquiry into British mosques in which the Muslim Council of Britain believe it has very little credibility amongst British Muslims and more enemies than friends. What value could such an inquiry possibly have?

This is the Government’s strategy to combat the radicalisation of British Muslims. LOL

Is it unreasonable to believe, that if a Muslim is a devout Muslim, they will invariably say and think the writings of their Koran, the way of Allah and never say "pro-government things", regardless of the likes of the Quilliam Foundation and taxpayers money of nearly £1 million?

Patrick Mercer’s reported scepticism of the Quilliam Foundation is also the scepticism profoundly felt by the people of this nation and it does him great credit. Moreover when Patrick Mercer, chairman of the House of Commons counter-terrorism sub-committee, said "It will be very interesting to see what has been achieved with this considerable sum of public money", we cannot help but wonder if anything worthwhile was achieved by those with very little credibility amongst British Muslims and more enemies than friends.

If these people where "former Islamic extremists", we can only wonder if that money was indeed use to oppose Islamic extremists rather than further that cause, what assurance of that do we have?

Nobody, can combat the belief of a devout Muslim, the desire to impose all over the world the religion which is Islam and the rule of Allah over the whole earth. This is a religious duty which binds their community and cannot be undermined or questioned by the likes of the Quilliam Foundation.

In a time when most people have to tighten their belts is it not senseless and scandalous to throw our money at that Foundation without any real understanding or accountability for that considerable sum of public money?


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