Friday 27 March 2009

Cameron should slash the number of MPs, says Labour MP

Lobbydog was chatting to a Labour MP who wondered why the Tories hadn't properly capitalised on the expenses affair yet.

He said if he was Cameron he'd pledge to totally wash away the current expenses system - and then go much further.

He'd pledge to reduce the number of MPs in Parliament, by 100 say, in his first term.

He'd do it on a platform saying MPs are a huge burden on the tax-payer and that there are an unnecessary, excessive amount of them.

It would mean the remaining MPs taking on extra constituents, but would also give Cameron the chance to redraw constituency boundaries across the entire UK.

It's believed that many of the boundaries today favour Labour, but under such a plan Cameron could change that and keep the Tories in power for the next ten years.

The fact that it would look as though Cameron was acting on expenses while Brown ummed and erred would make him look good.

And if Brown was spurred into action by the plan it would enforce the perception that the Tories are one step ahead of Labour.

A bit pie in the sky, but intriguing none the less.


Oldrightie said...

A bit pie in the sky

DC's already mooted this.

Odin's Raven said...

How many MP's do we really need to operate and oppose a government? Electronic referenda could enable direct democracy. Most MP'S seem to be mere parasites.

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