Thursday 26 March 2009

Is "Bank Bosses Are Criminals" the start of civil-unrest?

While bank-bosses were hiding beneath their bed covers this morning Lobbydog was trying to remember something someone said last year.

The someone was the IMF's managing director, Dominique Strauss-Kahn.

The something was him saying western nations would face civil unrest as the economic crisis deepened.

It would be interesting to know if the Government had foreseen the emergence of something like "Bank Bosses Are Criminals".

I want to know what more ministers think might happen - what have they planned for?


Anonymous said...

The anger and tension are rising. Something's going to give.
ID cards, camera surveillance and the criminalisation of trivialities, falsely claimed to fight terrorism, are all aimed at controlling dissent.
The question is, can they turn the UK into a gulag before the sh*t hits the fan?

Anonymous said...

The USA control machine is criminal

Plato said...

I think it'll take another unexpected event such as the wildcat petrol protests or a botched policing effort to kick-off quite an ugly scene.

OT - Crimestoppers have just erected a 3' square sign on my verge sayin' SURVEILLANCE CAMERAS OPERATE IN THIS AREA'.

I live in one of the safest wards in the country - in the middle of nowhere - on a lane that occasionally sees the odd dumped mattress.

WTF is going on???

Anonymous said...

"I want to know what more ministers think might happen - what have they planned for?"

I seem to recall a leaked Jacky Smith letter warning of civil unrest in a recession.

A number of Police authorities have been tasked with substantial improvements in their custody suites and plans and funding have been put in place to construct detention centres at convenient places.(Motorway junctions) Plus there were the stories earlier in the year of half of our Police forces being allegedly unprepared for terror attacks and civil unrest.

Oldrightie said...

Do you live near me Cato?
As for the question, yes.

subrosa said...

Plato, I read somewhere recently this continual talk of civil unrest is part of the labour system of ensuring the people WILL take to the streets. Then they can insist on using the military and that would avoid a general election. I hope you understand my meaning, it's not well put sorry. Rushing.

Anonymous said...

theirs a lot of strong revolutionary talk here from a county that betrayed the working class in 84/85. hopefully you now realise that together we could have created a better system or when it comes to it again will you be bought off and cross the lines again?
i did not scab

Anonymous said...

the first coalfield to return to work n 1926
the home off spencerism[the employers union
]trust you lot of scabs again ? no way

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