Thursday 5 March 2009

OBAMA: I just need to, er, go to the toilet

I did cringe when Brown tried to make small talk about sport at the Obama sort-of-press-conference-thing.

But it’s only now, reading the script back, that I realise just how dire it was – it’s like a bad conversation at a party which one breaks away from claiming to need a wee.

"I don't think I could ever compete with you at basketball," said Brown, "perhaps tennis."

"Tennis? I hear you've got a game," said the President.

"Yes, we could maybe have a - have a shot," said Brown.

"We haven't tried it yet," said the President.

"I don't know," said Brown. "I think you'd be better… but there we are."


“I just need to, er, go to the toilet,” said the President.

Ok. I added the last sentence - but it fits perfectly doesn’t it?


subrosa said...

Absolutely perfectly LD.

an ex-apprentice said...

The whole thing, from the make-up session pictured through the aircraft window, to the trouser leg tucked into his sock as he arrived at the White House, to the spontaneous eruption of verbal diarrhoea in the Oval Office watched by an obviously bemused Obamalama, to the ludicrously grandiose meaningless platitudes before an assembled audience of congressional aides, secretaries, toilet attendants and whoever else they could press-gang into the chamber, it has just been, for the Great Leader, one long round of gaffe-ridden embarrassment and humiliation.

Lovely, wasn't it? I enjoyed every magical moment.

Oldrightie said...

The whole visit was an expensive sham. Globilisation was a monumental failure not dissimilar to the EU experiment. Politicians need to leave well alone where trade is concerned and mind the shop more diligently. I suspect this is dawning on the Yanks. If you are strong at home the international success is a given.
Stil, Brown's mantra is we're broke so let the rest of the world bail us out. It isn't working, Gordon. Our only hope is a change of Government. Obama knows that.

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