Thursday 2 April 2009

Bloggers miss start of G20, maybe they overslept?

Tom Watson is blogging from the "bloggers' tent" at the G20 today:

"There’s only one problem. I can’t see any fellow bloggers. In fact, there must be 1000 seats and network feeds in this room and so far only 50 seats are occupied."

Lobbydog is there in spirit Tom.

I'm stuck in Westminster, but I may walk over and have a look at the protests later. Loudspeaker at the ready.

UPDATE: Good blog post from PB.


subrosa said...

Perhaps bloggers aren't interested. Just a thought.

Anonymous said...

"Walk over to the Excel Centre"?
It's in the middle of nowhere in East London, LD. And all DLR stations within walking distance are closed. I expect the one road going past is closed too.

How did Tom Watson get in?

Anonymous said...

MPs probably do all sorts of sordid things to get into the places they get into.

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