Wednesday 3 June 2009

Hoon and Beckett will survive, says Lobbydog source

Lobbydog has been informed by a usually reliable source that Geoff Hoon, Margaret Beckett and Vernon Coaker will all survive any reshuffle.

If it plays out that way Hoon, Transport Secretary, will be the biggest surprise of the three East Midlands ministers.

His face has been in the Daily Telegraph recently more than most people's.

There have been rumours that Beckett, Housing Minister, may even get promoted back to full cabinet.

Police Minister Vernon Coaker has come out of the expenses scandal relatively unscathed.

Back benchers have told me, however, that only a sweeping change will suffice to get the party through the "next period of time".

If it’s not the cabinet, one said, it'll be Brown. So I’m not sure how wise keeping Hoon around will turn out to be for Brown.

His main plus is that he's been staunchly loyal - he was one of the few members of the cabinet appearing on TV defending the PM today.


North Northwester said...

... Geoff Hoon, Margaret Beckett and Vernon Coaker will all survive any reshuffle.

Isn't that what they said about Nuclear Winter - that only viruses, cockroaches and accordionists would survive?

Oldrightie said...

The unspeakable in pursuit of the unelectable?

Alan Smart said...

Beckett is mt pet hate - Bennite, Kinnockite, Blairite and now Brownite

What would she have been in Germany during the 1930s?

Not in jail for sure

Where she should be now

Careerist creep - worse than a war criminal - an apologust for them...on expenses

subrosa said...

I'm taking my accordion to the tip today North Westwester.

Richard T said...

Commenting on Friday morning with the perspective of time, it's looking like Hobson's choice now isn't it?

Incidentally doesn't Vernon Coaker sound like he is one of Dickens' villains?

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