Thursday 4 June 2009

Nottingham's plotter

Graham Allen’s involvement in the plot to oust the PM is unexpected, but revolt isn’t unprecedented for him.

He was one of the MPs who organised the rebel Parliament just before the Iraq War.

The conflict was looming and Tony Blair, PM at the time, was refusing to call Parliament for a debate during summer recess.

Allen, Nottingham North MP, and others won wide-spread, cross party support for the ‘rebel Parliament’ which would meet in a hall elsewhere in Westminster.

They arranged sponsorship, broadcasting rights, officials and even a logo - but nine days before it was to sit Blair backed down and called Parliament.

The move to topple Brown is far more challenging, but the story shows he has some organisational capacity.

He's also spent the last few years on a personal mission to push through 'early intervention' - his agenda on social policy reform - with some success.

Allen will be giving his side of the story in the Post tomorrow.

Like most of his party's MPs he's stomping his patch today desperately trying to get Labour voters out.

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NottyBoy said...

Allen is an oddball. He's probably kicking up a fuss now because Brown never gave him a promotion.

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