Tuesday 2 June 2009

Patricia Hewitt quits

The former Health Secretary is standing down at the next election.

She says it has nothing to do with her expenses, but she's doing it to spend more time with her family.

Her expenses were among the less extravagant - £920 in legal fees when she moved out of her Leicester flat and £194 for blinds for her London home.

Still, a lot of medical people I know who hated Patronising Pat with a passion, will have a drink tonight.

She told the Leicester Mercury: "I do think that if I had decided to stay, yes, I could win the seat.

"But I am standing down now to give the constituency time to find the right candidate. I am confident Labour can hold Leicester West.

"I didn't plan this. I did initially want to serve another term. But I feel the time is right.

"The truth is that after 13 years as an MP and 10 years in Government, I have not seen enough of my family. They have paid a high price for that."

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Good ridance

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