Tuesday 2 June 2009

Miliband still lights a candle

I'm not sure if the Foreign Secretary was trying to appear thoughtful and statesman-like at a briefing earlier, but in the end he just looked bored.

A little glimmer - a flicker of intention perhaps - escaped when he spoke about potential leadership challenges though.

He said the PM was the right man for the job "last year, this year and next year".

But when specifically asked if he'd rule himself out of a future leadership contest in the same way Jack Straw did he said:

"I never get into speculation about next jobs because if you start to speculate about next jobs you forget about this job.”


Jive5 said...

I actually think Miliband would make a good leader, if only he'd have the guts to go for it. But he's clever and comminicates well and has held the foreign secrtary position well.

Ivor Dunmoanin said...

Go GREEN Lobbydog...be reckless...throw caution to the wind....come into the forest and kick off your shoes. You know you want to...I've missed you!
Ivor XX

Anonymous said...

Maybe Miliband is the only MP who can rescue the Labour Party...

Check this out for a laugh


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