Wednesday 1 April 2009

Obama and Brown

Brown will be pleased with the press conference that ended ten minutes ago.

Obama backed him on pretty much all his key messages – global problem/solution, fiscal stimulus etc.

In fact, he came up with the sound-bite Brown has been looking for on public spending: “Don’t short change the future because of fear in the present.”

The leaders’ show of unity means Cameron, who’s also meeting Obama, will concede the publicity battle today.

Marked was the ease at which Obama switched from the serious business of state to small talk.

He mentioned talking to Brown’s kids about dinosaurs in between discussions about Iraq and Afghanistan as if he was chatting in someone’s kitchen.

Brown’s attempt a little later, a comment about exercise and treadmills, was at least not as flat as the “tennis” embarrassment in the White House.


Catosays said...

Why am I getting a request to log in ar Brogan's Blog?
I've never been there before. Am getting it at Ted Foan's Blog too.

Lobbydog said...

Hmm I'm getting it too. I think it might be because it's gone off line now that he's going to the Tel and the Mail has locked the blog or something. Sorting it now.

Anonymous said...

I think you're being unfair to Prime Minister Brown, he wasn't as bad as all that - maybe it's just because BO is so good.

Henry North London 2.0 said...

Whenever I heard Brown saying fiscal stimulus the words Fisting stimulus came to mind

Did anyone else notice the emphasis he put on Consensus and Common Global

subrosa said...

Gawd that hero worship look on the MP's face reminds me of when my brother was a wee boy and our grandpa caught a fish, yes a fish not an eel.

Lobbydog said...

Henry - With that "big clunking" fist of his it's no laughing matter.

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