Friday, 5 June 2009

Here's a little "snubbage" nugget for you

Brown sent letters to all the ministers who either quit or were sacked in the reshuffle, a transparently ad hoc affair.

In those to both Caroline Flint – who later slated the PM – and Tony McNulty, who had scandalous expense claims, he told them he didn't believe it would be long before they returned to Government.

But in Margaret Beckett's – who even yesterday morning had been tipped for promotion – the phrase was conspicuously missing from the template letter.

In your face Beckett.

UPDATE: The Number 10 "list" had Beckett as a resignation, but Beckett told Lobbydog clearly that she'd been sacked.


Oldrightie said...

After years of tit suckling is she now to be elbowed out the way? Baroness Caravan of Mediocrity?

subrosa said...

She'll be able to spend more time in her garden and will manage to make her own hanging baskets surely.

She'll plot her revenge.

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