Monday, 18 January 2010

Campbell and Dacre - a bad romcom

I imagine that next Alastair Campbell might point at Paul Dacre and tell him that his dad could beat-up the Daily Mail editor’s dad.

As you will no doubt have seen, Campbell took his spat with Dacre to new silly levels last week when he accused the editor of having homo-erotic fantasies about him.

Today he follows up the accusation with a post in which he claims he was only being light hearted.

He then goes on to draw attention to a new Downfall video in which Dacre is cast as Hitler – getting all agitated about his unrequited love for the Labour spin doctor.

The Downfall video is about as funny as the last fifteen hundred Downfall videos, people should find another film to rip off.

However, there is an uncomfortable feeling of the playground about Campbell’s remarks. Kids pointing at other kids and singing “you are a gay-lord, na, na ,n-na, naa.”

Isn’t that the kind of playground bullying that Campbell’s Labour party is trying to teach out of schools?

And isn’t Campbell’s response I was only joking the same response a playground bully would give – which would be frowned upon by teacher?

What has occurred to me is that the obsession in this little face-off seems to work both ways. In his blogs Campbell seems gleeful – almost as if he takes pride in his belief that Dacre likes him.

Maybe it’s going to be like one of those bad romcoms where the lead couple are always arguing, until they’re trapped in a lift together, and then when the doors finally open they’re seen kissing passionately.

Or perhaps this one just isn’t destined to have a happy ending.

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